Propaganda value of N. Korea's missile tests

Re "A Big, Booming Cry for More Attention?" July 6

It is now becoming painfully clear to North Korean leader Kim Jong Il that the long-range missile test conducted on July 4 was a failure.

The United States and its allies should behave toward the failed saber-rattling with the respect due: silence. It should be well known to all parties involved that the missile test was a ploy intended to force the nations involved into negotiations. Its failure should prove that none are required.


Richfield, Minn.


Rational minds know that North Korea will never launch a missile against the United States for any reason other than defense. But the Bush administration will use these test firings to tighten its grip of fear on our people.

The imperialist acts of the administration since 9/11 have stirred the nations that President Bush labeled "evil" to action. One can hardly blame them for taking defensive steps in light of Bush's preemptive move on Iraq, a country that offered no threat to the United States.

I hope that thinking people will understand what is really going on and demand real negotiations. President Kennedy said: "We must never negotiate from fear, but we should never fear to negotiate." Bush makes this Democrat yearn for Reagan.


Van Nuys

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