Tale of two countries

Soccer permeates the cultural landscapes in France and Italy more than any phenomenon known to man. It's religion, politics, theater and art all rolled into one with life-and-death scenarios incumbent on the outcomes of games. Yet there is so much more that these romantic, historic nations have to offer apart from the beautiful game, and their influences resonate well beyond the pitch.

Barry Stavro Los Angeles Times

*--* ITALY FRANCE 1934, 1938, 1982 World Cup titles 1998 2 Head-to-head Cup wins 2 Parmesan Cheese Roquefort Da Vinci, Michelangelo Artists Renoir, Matisse Colosseum Architecture Eiffel Tower Fellini Film Truffaut Ferragamo Design Chanel Bocce Sport Petanque Dante Writers Camus Vatican Pope's residence Avignon (1309-1377) Piedmont Wine Bordeaux Uffizi Gallery Museums Louvre Sambuca, Campari Aperitifs Champagne, Pastis Ferrari Autos Citroen Caruso Singers Piaf Pirelli Tires Michelin


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