The battle over Bolton

Re "Sledgehammer diplomacy," editorial, July 27

Your principled and just stance against the confirmation of John R. Bolton as United Nations ambassador is marred by your usual pretzel logic. You state that Bolton should not be rejected as a result of a filibuster. If this time-honored Senate tradition is the only means to remove Bolton, then that is exactly the way to go.

Why doesn't your editorial wax indignant over the "fundamentally unfair and undemocratic instrument" of the recess appointment? Bolton's initial appointment was the typical Bush administration approach to getting around the Constitution by usurping the Senate's constitutional role.


San Diego


Bolton is a breath of fresh air and should be confirmed. Your concept of a professional diplomat is someone like former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who calls the world's enemies "our friends."

Left to your devices, subsequent generations of Americans would be under the yoke of Islam.



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