Time Warner Cable sued

Times Staff Writer

Former Comcast and Adelphia customers sued Time Warner Cable Inc. on Wednesday, alleging disruptions and other problems when their cable TV and Internet services were converted to Time Warner’s network.

The suit comes as Time Warner works to move 1.6 million customers to its system.

“This widespread disruption made a mockery of [Time Warner’s] promises that these cable services would not be interrupted as a result of the migration,” the suit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court alleges. The plaintiffs are seeking class-action status.

Time Warner said it had not read the allegations and could not comment.

Dozens of customers have told The Times about problems with Internet and TV interruptions and blocked e-mail service. Some assert that Time Warner reduced the number of cable channels as a ploy to force customers to upgrade to digital service.


In July, Time Warner and Comcast Corp. bought Adelphia Communications Corp. and traded territories to give each bigger shares of major markets. Time Warner ended up with 1.9 million Southland customers.