Skepticism over Bush’s Iraq tactics

Re “Pliable ‘benchmarks’ set for Iraq,” Oct. 27

Today it appears as if President Bush is desperate to find any silver lining in the mess that is the Iraq war. Unfortunately, there is no silver lining in this war. Despite what Bush proudly told us a few years ago, our mission is not accomplished. Now, with the mission’s specifics having to be redefined merely to regain support, it is becoming more evident that Operation Iraqi Freedom has been a disaster.

However, one should wonder what could be accomplished at this point? If the goal is still to install democracy in Iraq, what will we do about this new government with ties to those who hate America? Will Bush once again come up with a new objective? With the way things are going, one should speculate as to how many more objectives will have to be created until this mess is handed over to the next administration.



North Hollywood


Re “Snared by The Google,” Opinion, Oct. 27

Rosa Brooks is right when she says there is no “strategy for winning in Iraq,” that we can only hope to “mitigate the damage.” How do you mitigate the lives of tens of thousands of Iraqis who have died or hundreds of thousands who were injured? How do you mitigate the loss of homes of Iraqis that the military casually dismisses as collateral damage? How do you mitigate the loss of jobs, religious freedoms, a way of life? You can’t.

The needless American invasion of Iraq has irreparably damaged not only a sovereign nation but also the social fabric of an ancient race.


London, Canada