Being irreverent on her off-hours


“JUST say that I’m single and in a relationship, but looking for a way out.” Make no mistake about it, Chelsea Handler is a handful. The stand-up comic raised eyebrows with her 2005 book “My Horizontal Life” chronicling her purported dating and drinking habits, and now she’s doing it weeknights on the E! Channel with her outrageous talk show “Chelsea Lately.”

I love happy hour on Fridays, and I especially love it at Tengu in Westwood, which is also a great sushi restaurant. But Friday isn’t so much about the food, it’s the cocktails, and I have a weakness for pomegranates or cucumbers mixed with alcohol. Like a pomegranate martini. Tengu has something called a Tengucumber, which I think is a martini with mint and cucumber, and it’s delicious, really refreshing. I think it would be great after a workout, but I wouldn’t know because I’ve never gone to Tengu after a workout.

After we’ve eaten and had a drink or two, Pink Taco in Century City would be fun; we went with a bunch of friends the other night, and it was a really great party, although I don’t remember having any actual tacos. Another club I like is Air Conditioned in Santa Monica, which is the worst name, but it’s great for dancing.


Hold the sushi

Waking up to the Nightmare

After a late Friday, Saturday for me would start about noon. I have a nice big gym at my place, and I’d have my trainer meet me there for a workout. No, my workout isn’t called Pilates. I call it the Nightmare, because it is one, and I complain for an hour and then hang out by the pool. After that we’ll go rent a boat in Marina del Rey, which is really nice. When we get back we’ll stop at El Torito and have chips, salsa and margaritas and then go back to the house and read, because I have to keep up to date on all the gossip for my show. Then we’ll go to dinner at Jer-ne, which is in the Ritz-Carlton at the marina. It’s beautiful and has a view of the harbor; you can watch the boats coming in and out. I grew up going to Martha’s Vineyard in the summer, so I like anything with boats and water. Jer-ne is high-end European flair with a French twist to it. I usually order whatever their fresh fish is, usually salmon or sea bass.

If we go out to a club, I like Area because it’s kind of on the downswing, and so I don’t have to bump into all the girls there like Paris and Lindsay. Well, maybe not them anymore. I hate it when a club is a crazy, overcrowded circus with all the cameras. I’m 32 now; I’m over it.

Wonders of IHOP

On Sunday morning, depending on my condition, I like to go out for a run, then maybe stop for brunch at Cafe Buna. They have a great turkey scramble, with ground turkey, cheese, tomatoes and jalapeños inside egg whites.

Or if I can’t smack some sense into my boyfriend, we’ll go to IHOP, where ordering will just be a free-for-all -- I’ll just go for it and get the Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘n Fruity. Then we’d go for a bike ride down to Hermosa or lie out by the pool. I don’t want to get too much exercise in one day. You know how that can be.

In the evening we’ll have friends over for a nice dinner. I’m not really too good at cooking, or cleaning for that matter, but my boyfriend is. I’m really good at making people feel as if they’re having a good time.

-- Mark Sachs