Men are worse off after a divorce


Re “Old story: Women may have it worse,” Dec. 28

Your article suggesting that men do better than women after divorce failed to mention any evidence to the contrary. Yet the most comprehensive study ever done on the topic, publicized in the book “Divorced Dads” by Arizona State University professor Sanford Braver, found that when we consider a comprehensive set of factors, including net worth and other variables, men actually do much worse than women after divorce, on average, and that this disparity increases over time.

In fact, after divorce, men’s suicide rate skyrockets while women’s remains steady, and surveys show that women are far happier with divorce decrees than men. That’s not surprising, given how courts frequently strip men of parental rights and turn them into visitors.

At a minimum, why didn’t your article mention contrary views and evidence on this hotly debated issue?



Los Angeles

The writer is president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Coalition of Free Men.