What lies ahead for baby boomers

Re "A boomer's lament," Opinion, Jan. 10

As a bona fide baby boomer, I want to tell Erin Aubry Kaplan that turning 45 was no big deal. Wait until you are 50, or 58 in my case -- now that's a big deal. I watched my childhood friend turn "5-0" and sink into a deep depression. It wasn't because he suspected prostate cancer. No, my friend hit the wall because he realized that his picture never was going to be published in Surfer magazine. Despite that fact, I keep telling him there are still a lot of waves to ride. This is true for boomers of all ages.


Laguna Beach


Kaplan is a classic "me generation" boomer, whining her way through life. She bemoans "coming up empty" in her search for her "place in history." And then she has the gall to add that her failure "is not entirely" her fault because "history has failed" her. Talk about delusions of grandeur. While other people are struggling for their very lives, Kaplan has no idea what "climbing the mountain" is all about.


Santa Monica

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