A Gonzo Journalist's Legacy

The Photo Synthesis piece "From 'Gonzo'" on the recently published photographs of Hunter S. Thompson was worse than lazy--it was disingenuous (by Colin Westerbeck, Dec. 17). Westerbeck's snarky summation of Thompson's contributions to New Journalism as one that "replaces observation with self-absorption" betrays a sincere ignorance of both the man and the craft.

Thompson and his slew of LSD-accompanied trips through late-20th century humanity, politics, war and the death of the American Dream deserve more respect than was granted here. To add insult to injury, Westerbeck's insinuation that Thompson's suicide was an indication of sentimentality or weakness is perhaps the most ill-fitting remembrance of the author that you could have printed. This piece seemed a cheap shot directed at a proud, beastly man who can no longer fire back.

Evan George

Highland Park

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