Designer pucks, anyone?

Times Staff Writer

Here’s one guy we never expected to see featured in the New York Times Magazine talking about fashion, the artsy decor of his Chelsea condo, and the necessity of fresh towels.

Sean Avery.

The lifestyle of the mouthy, pugnacious former King who was traded to the New York Rangers last season isn’t quite what you’d expect, whether it’s the models and actresses he dates, the Jared Diamond book he’s reading or because he said the words “a lovely cashmere throw” to a reporter.

Avery’s fantasy career: “I’d like to be an editor of a fashion magazine. Creatively and artistically, it is something I’d like to do, and I think I have a lot of ideas that would be good on paper.”


His favorite item of clothing: “My black patent-leather Yves St. Laurent high-tops.”

Next big purchase: “The spring/summer Dior men’s collection.”

Favorite recent purchase: “I’m stoked about my Philippe Starck lamp.”

Favorite artwork: “It’s a photo of Andy Warhol right after he was shot at his studio. He’s showing someone his bullet wound. When I got to New York, I wanted to give my apartment a local vibe.”


And about those towels. . . . “It’s ridiculous, but once I use a towel, I have to wash it and use a new one. I’m over the top about cleanliness.”

We’re pretty confident Avery is going to hear about this from other NHL troublemakers when he returns to the ice after recovering from a separated shoulder.

Hey, what does fashion matter when somebody’s trying to pull your jersey over your head?

Trivia time


Who holds the NHL record for penalty minutes?

The ex-factor

The Cleveland Indians might have inadvertently created a new art form for trying to get inside the opponent’s head.

The pre-game anthem singer for Game 5 of the American League Championship Series Thursday was Danielle Peck, a country singer who once dated Boston starting pitcher Josh Beckett, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported.


Indians spokesman Bob DiBiasio called it “an incredible coincidence. Honestly.

“She’s from Ohio. Her entire family are Indians fans. We did not know anything about her connections to Beckett. The next day, we find out the rest of the story. How are we supposed to know who Josh Beckett dates?”

What we’re envisioning: A lot of future appearance-fee opportunities for former wives and girlfriends.

Torre’s story


Headline on the New York Daily News website after Joe Torre turned down the Yankees’ one-year extension as manager Thursday: “SHOVE IT!”

Lend me a tenor

Noah Van Niel, a fullback at Harvard, is only dabbling.

The aspiring opera singer’s future is more likely onstage.


After practice, he goes back to his dorm to sing Donizetti, and later this fall, when he is auditioning for postgraduate programs, he’ll have to know five arias in Italian and German by heart, the Boston Globe reported.

“It’s just like football,” Van Niel said. “When they call a play for you on the goal line, you can’t say, ‘I don’t know that one.’ ”

Trivia answer

Dave “Tiger” Williams with 3,966.


And finally

ESPN will take over early round Masters coverage from USA Network next year, with Mike Tirico hosting.

“Too bad,” Geoff Russell wrote in Golf World magazine. “Chris Berman’s ‘back, back, back’ call would work well on putts rolling off Augusta National’s ninth green.”