Times reader remains loyal

I was quite annoyed by all the negative letters in your paper about the cutbacks you’ve had to implement in order to survive. (Letters, Aug. 3.)

Although these readers will surely miss the stock tables you’ve moved to the Web, I felt no sense of loyalty to The Times by these readers, nor any overall business acumen regarding the challenges that all newspapers now face.

I’ve been reading The Times for decades, and the Business section is my favorite section. Yet I don’t miss those mind-numbing charts at all. Stats like that were made for the Internet’s timeliness.

I have Internet news pages open on my computer screens all day long, enjoying instant news updates. And yet I still derive tremendous value from The Times, whether it’s news analysis of national issues or L.A.-centric stories you can’t get anywhere else.


Keep doing what you’ve always been doing, keep making the necessary changes to survive, and know that hundreds of thousands of loyal readers like me “have your back” during this most difficult of times.

Pete Howard

San Luis Obispo