Watching our language

Re “I’m nonplussed, maybe,” Opinion, Aug. 9

I greatly enjoyed Meghan Daum’s opinion article, which described several common English mistakes in a delightfully humorous way.

It was a bit ironic, though, that just a few pages before it, The Times ran an article called “Gambler’s future is in good hands,” which contained the line: “With only Tran and I left in a hand, I pushed my remaining chips toward the pot.”

Me think a grammar-checker might be a good idea for yourself and he.


Frederic Paik


Los Angeles

Was the juxtaposition of columns by Daum and Neal Gabler deliberate?


Even as Daum decries people using words outside their original meaning, Gabler begins his column with the phrase “the most ubiquitous.” Are there degrees of ubiquity?

R.H. Joseph

McDonough, Ga.