Faith and Prop. 8

Re “Churches plan a big push against same-sex marriage,” Aug. 24

I won’t presume to lecture non-Christians on their faiths, but as a lapsed Catholic, I’m slightly familiar with the New Testament. The funny thing is that Jesus’ main point was loving your neighbor as yourself. That seems the polar opposite of the Proposition 8 effort.

Jesus spends a tiny bit of New Testament time on homosexuality, but you want to know what he was really tough on? Divorce.

And for all you Old Testament fans, check out the Ten Commandments! Not a single mention of gays and lesbians and their relationships. But it isn’t a big leap to understand that “coveting thy neighbor’s wife” and “stop with the adultery already” addresses divorce.


So where’s the proposition to ban divorce? Do I hear crickets? C’mon!

Mobilize a million people over a proposition that bans straight divorce, one that really keeps families together, and I’ll give up my right to gay marriage.

Jesus was also big on comforting the afflicted, feeding the hungry and, in general, helping those less fortunate. I’m happy to work side by side with you on these issues, if you’ll see the fight against gay marriage for what it is: a wedge that politicians are using to keep us distracted from the real issues.

John Rabe


Cypress Park

The writer is the host of the “Off-Ramp” program on KPCC-FM (89.3).

Will Mark Jansson and his ilk be so proud of their effort to turn religious doctrine into state law the day a coalition of Islamists has enough votes to impose Sharia on the rest of us?

Practice your religion freely, Mr. Jansson, but leave it out of our Constitution, please.


Greg Seyranian

Redondo Beach

This issue is not about fairness or freedom, as California Faith for Equality would have you believe. Marriage is not about two consenting adults wanting a contract for purposes of self-fulfillment. Marriage is an unselfish act in which a mother and father can create new life and rear children in the best possible environment.

Those good people pounding the pavement for Proposition 8 have it right. Four justices on our state Supreme Court overrode the will of the majority when they struck down the 2000 marriage initiative. This is what constitutional amendments are for -- to correct such wrongheaded foolishness in high places.


Opponents of Proposition 8 would have you support a dangerous experiment none of us can seriously afford to consider.

Joe Hernandez

Thousand Oaks

The National Council of Jewish Women is also a faith organization, and we believe that our faith tells us that this proposition should be defeated. Marriage is a civil right that should be open to all individuals who desire to commit themselves to a loving, permanent relationship.


I would ask the members of the Protect Marriage Coalition: How is marriage protected by keeping people out? Should we enshrine exclusion and discrimination in the state Constitution? The Declaration of Independence states that individuals are entitled to the “pursuit of happiness.” Why would religious organizations try to limit that right?

Ann L. Millman

Long Beach

The writer is public affairs chair for the California National Council of Jewish Women.