Sure, there are any number of new premium vodkas on the market . . . but how many appeal directly to women? Sweden's Pinky vodka is looking out for you, ladies, and this Valentine's Day, you should demand that your boyfriend squire you to the bar at Boa for a Hibiscus Pinky Valentini. The drink (pictured above in its nearly finished glory with bartender Charlotte Cramer), features the floral-infused Pinky vodka (violets, rose petals), two actual wild hibiscus flowers, pomegranate juice and Champagne. "It's perfectly sweet and tart," says Pinky's brand manager, Gerry Smith. If you're not warm and fuzzy after a couple of these, your relationship may be all out of love. $15. Boa, 101 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica. (310) 899-4466

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