Not a clear-cut case

Re “Lebanon held hostage,” editorial, Jan. 30

Your editorial was accurate on one count: The U.N. investigation “has made enormous progress.” The investigative team has worked diligently with several countries, including Syria, to find out who was behind this heinous crime.

Never has a crime investigation amassed so much money, manpower and technology. However, no suspects have been named to date, and to mislead your readers into thinking that this is a clear-cut case goes against journalistic integrity.

Syria has cooperated with the investigation -- a fact conveyed by the investigative team in each of its last reports -- and will continue to do so. The murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was detrimental to Syria as well as Lebanon, and it is in our paramount national interest to expose the true perpetrators. Along with the conclusion of the Hariri investigation, we hope for a stable Lebanon that can thwart the constructive-chaos theory that some are trying to implement in our region.


Ahmed Salkini

Press Secretary

Embassy of Syria