Simple needs of human beings

Re “Marriage isn’t the half of it,” Opinion, March 3

Nancy D. Polikoff’s article on same-sex marriage rights was helpful. As a Presbyterian pastor, I have watched my tradition rip itself to pieces over this matter. For those who oppose homosexual practice, it’s about biblical interpretation; for those who accept homosexuals and their need and right to love and be loved, it’s about compassion and justice -- that is, people before principle, which is the essential commitment of Jesus. I take seriously the conservative mind and the principles it values, but the simple needs of human beings are too easily lost in the flurry of words.

The Rev. Thomas

P. Eggebeen


Los Angeles

The writer is interim pastor at the Covenant Presbyterian Church.

Polikoff would have us completely redefine morality so that homosexuals, unmarried couples and all in “committed relationships” could enjoy the tax, medical and legal benefits of heterosexuals. If there is morality, there must be immorality. What the professor is advocating is hedonism, which is immoral. She might as well include in her list of “committed relationships” polygamy, incest and other aberrations.

Rafael Villa



Polikoff’s essay on rights within the institution of marriage did not include an important category: immigration rights. Certainly, the ability of a couple to stay together is tied to their economic well-being and that of their family.

Same-sex couples in which one person is a U.S. citizen and the other is not have no standing as far as petitioning toward permanent residence or citizenship is concerned, reflecting this “separate is not equal” injustice.

Jude Socrates

Van Nuys