Hard times for Generation X

Re “In debt, out of work and living with Mom,” April 27

The Times writes of the middle class of my generation. But below that social class is where I and many more Generation Xers are and have remained since we’ve entered adulthood.

Financial times have always been tough for me and millions like me. I have always watched my spending and have never owned a home. Now that middle-class America is experiencing financial woes on a massive scale, the media find it appropriate to write about it. But millions in Generation X and Y are struggling and continue to do so without parental help.

Please don’t forget about us.


Denise Milbauer

San Diego

There is a worldwide shortage of engineers that will get worse. According to your article, there is also a growing number of talented young people becoming unemployed.

May I make the gentle recommendation that many of these people could take advantage of their present unemployment and study to become engineers? I’m willing to bet there are Cal State counselors out there who would love to work with these people to help them find the quickest path to a fulfilling engineering career.


Would this be as bad as vegetating at home, driving Mom and Dad crazy?

James Cliborn