Blue notes

Larry Bowa exhibits all the symptoms of a classic Type A personality including immaturity and inability to distinguish between matters that are of importance and those that are not. He should learn the refrain from “The Gambler” and hum it constantly, “You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em.”

Skip Nevell

Los Angeles

So one month into the Andruw Jones Dodgers era and he is hitting .159, with one home run and a whopping four runs batted in. So when does Torre pull the plug and move Ethier to center and Pierre to left?


Brian Howie Haueter


I think Andruw Jones could use a vacation in Las Vegas for a while. Hey, maybe that saying about staying in Vegas will hold true for him.

John Schneider


Palm Springs

Anyone else notice how Scott Boras seems to represent many of today’s overpaid and overrated baseball players?

Andruw Jones is batting in the .100s. Up north, Barry Zito is now in the bullpen.

Boras once proposed a new baseball stat. I propose that baseball create a new stat as well. It should be called the RBB (Represented By Boras).


It would be a indicator that any player with such a stat will be a lousy free-agent signing.

Pedro Cardenas Jr.

East Los Angeles