Where were you?

I DON'T want to hear anyone saying, "I hate Hollywood. All they ever make is movies with special effects."

Over the last three months, well over a hundred movies have come out, with very few special-effects-driven pictures. Most of the movies released in February, March and April were character-driven, mature films. And the people who rave and rant against special-effects movies, what did they do? They stayed home. They let the films they're always saying they like to see die at the box office.

Well, you had your chance.

If you really meant what you said about preferring mature entertainment, then the last three months would have been one of the biggest money-making times of 2008 for Hollywood. As it was, this has been one of the worst financial periods in years.

The simple reason that Hollywood makes "special effects" movies is that the people who enjoy them actually show up at the theaters and buy tickets. The people who shout that they'd prefer to see movies for adults are hypocrites; they don't go out to see movies. Had they come these last few months, their sheer massive numbers could easily push the grosses for the smart, mature film way up and Hollywood would have taken notice, fast, and made lots more of the same, just to bring these audiences back again. And again. Hollywood is, above all, a business, and it makes what sells.

To all those who whine: Stop it. Hollywood's got your number.

Larry Brooks

Los Angeles

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