They're singing the praises of O'Bama

Like Walt Whitman, Barack Obama contains multitudes: He has roots in Kenya, Kansas, Hawaii, Indonesia and, of course, Chicago.

He has been adopted by the Japanese city of Obama, north of Kyoto, whose mayor sent him a set of lacquered chopsticks last year.

And now, thanks to an ancestral connection to the Irish town of Moneygall, he is being celebrated in a song by an Irish band, recently posted on YouTube.

"There's No One as Irish as Barack O'Bama," by Hardy Drew and the Nancy Boys, was inspired by a report last year that Obama's third great-grandfather on his mother's side, a shoemaker named Fulmuth Kearney, had emigrated from Moneygall to the United States in 1850.

Sample lyrics:

"He's Irish as bacon/And cabbage and stew/He's Hawaiian, he's Kenyan/American too.

"If he succeeds/And he has a chance/I'm sure our Barack/Will do Riverdance."

The band, unfortunately, is a bit mixed up about which state the Illinois senator calls home.

"Obama's supporters have been in touch with us," band member Ger Corrigan told an Irish newspaper last week. "And his election team has invited us to play in Michigan if he's elected."

Robin Abcarian



Catholic voters

Catholic voters are an important part of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's support, but exit polls from recent primaries show Sen. Barack Obama making inroads.

*--* Primary Clinton Obama Ohio (March 4) 63% 36% Pennsylvania (April 22) 70 30 Indiana (Tuesday) 61 39 North Carolina (Tuesday) 51 48 *--*


Source: National Pool Exit Poll by Edison / Mitofsky

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