Montgomery gets 46 months

From the Associated Press

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- Olympic gold medalist Tim Montgomery's once-celebrated life continued its long downward spiral Friday when a federal judge sentenced the former "world's fastest man" to nearly four years in prison for dealing in bad checks.

The judge also warned Montgomery, 33, that the evidence against him "does not appear to be flimsy" in an ongoing case in Virginia, where he is accused of selling heroin. A conviction there would carry a minimum five-year sentence.

Montgomery, wearing a white T-shirt and baggy pants, lamented the turns his life has taken as he asked Judge Kenneth Karas for leniency just before the 46-month sentence was imposed.

"I've had everything I ever wanted in life," said Montgomery, who won medals in two Olympics and set a record in the 100-meter dash that was later erased because of doping. "I've stood on the top of the mountain." Now, he said, he's rooming with murderers and pedophiles in a Virginia jail.

Montgomery told the judge he had let other people run his life, right down to deciding what to eat for breakfast. And his lawyer, Timothy Heaphy, said Montgomery had been led astray by, among others, track superstar Marion Jones. Jones, who had a son with Montgomery, is serving a 6-month prison term for lying about Montgomery's involvement in the check scam and about her use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Montgomery won a silver medal in the 400 relay at the 1996 Olympics and a gold medal in the same event in 2000. In 2002, he set a world record of 9.78 seconds in the 100 dash.

The world record, and all his other performances after March 31, 2001, were wiped from the books, and he was banned from track for two years, for doping linked to the investigation of BALCO, the lab at the center of a steroid scandal in sports.

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