Re the article about moviegoing ["Stunning Locations," May 22]:

For people who like to discover really good movies, the Nuart is the best theater in L.A.! Most theaters today give you the choice of a dozen movies, but are any of them really any good? At the Nuart, there's only one movie playing, but you know it's going to be special.

Gary Davis

West L.A.

The recently opened Laemmle Theaters in Claremont are wonderful. They are in the new portion of Claremont's "Village," a fine place for walking around before or after the show.

Bill Jones


ArcLight vs. Landmark is no contest. Not only are tickets at the Landmark less expensive than they are at ArcLight, but Landmark has the good graces to refill drinks and popcorn. So, even though I'm within walking distance of the ArcLight Sherman Oaks, I'll take the Landmark any day!

Beryl E. Arbit


How could you run an article about L.A.'s best movie theaters and not include Mann's Village in Westwood? It's one of the last great movie palaces left, with a 60-foot-plus-wide screen, digital projection, THX and digital sound, and great sightlines.

Instead you highlight the awful Landmark 12 and the even worse AMC Century 15. The Village is a movie theater and may not last longer because of the monster-plexes that are becoming the norm.

Brad Erickson

West Hollywood

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