Ex-chief appeals his convictions

Associated Press

An attorney for former Blue Lake Police Chief David Gundersen is asking a judge to throw out his client’s battery and weapons convictions.

A jury acquitted Gundersen earlier this year on two dozen counts of spousal rape. Instead, it found him guilty of lesser battery charges for taking nude photos of his wife without permission. He also was convicted of illegally possessing weapons.

On Wednesday, his attorney argued in a motion that the verdicts were “contrary to both law and evidence.” The motion also says the alleged battery acts exceeded the statute of limitations.

The matter will be heard at Gundersen’s Nov. 21 sentencing hearing.


Meanwhile, the former police chief could face more weapons charges.

Gundersen has been under state and federal investigation for allegedly stealing firearms, trading them for illegal weapons and stashing them at the Blue Lake Police Department.

-- Associated Press