Times Staff Writer

‘ONE DAY,” says actress Jessica Rose, “I was living my normal life. The next morning, I was doing 35 interviews and then going on ‘Jay Leno’ that night. It was crazy.”

That’s how Rose, 21, recalls the 2006 phenomenon of being lonelygirl15, the purported solitary teen whose online revelations turned out to be a Web stunt. Rose, who describes her non-lonely dating status these days as “complicated,” now can be seen on on the series “Sorority Forever.”

FISH TALE: My favorite place for dinner is Momotaro in Burbank. I love to take sushi lovers there, because hardly anyone knows about it. I’d say you can dress casual-nice. You don’t want to go to a sushi place that’s too casual; that’s a little dodgy. I always get their fire roll -- spicy tuna on top of spicy crab with tempura over it.

SURFER GIRL: It takes me about an hour and 20 minutes to get there, but I really like El Matador Beach. There’s hardly anybody there, very private and very beautiful -- a lot of rocky caves. I’d love to start surfing. I’ve taken a lesson, but I wish the water was as warm out here as it was in North Carolina.


IN THIS ORDER?: I go with my friends to the Sherman Oaks Galleria. It’s a cute little place that has an indoor-outdoor mall area. I’ll go to the 24 Hour Fitness, and there’s an ArcLight and a Cheesecake Factory, all my favorites. But I can’t go in that order or else I’d smell really bad, so I’d go to the gym last and eat first. Maybe something off the specialty menu, like the salmon and then an Oreo or Key lime cheesecake.

SAVVY SHOPPER: I like hanging out in Venice, but it can get so crowded on weekends, so I sometimes end up shopping at the Third Street Promenade. I like to go by myself. Burbank and the Glendale Galleria are also good. I love Forever 21. I get really excited when I get a good deal. For $200, you can buy clothes for the whole year.

BY THE LETTER: Jacob Zachar, who I worked with on “Greek,” and I sometimes go to La Cienega Park. It has a bunch of chess tables, and we’ll play Scrabble there as these older people are all playing chess. It’s kind of embarrassing, but it’s fun being outdoors.

EARLY RISERS: For breakfast I’ll go to NoHo Diner. It’s open 24 hours, so if my dad has an early flight, we can go there on the way.