Help the chickens

Re “Not chicken feed,” editorial, Sept. 25

It’s precisely because of the cruelties mentioned in the editorial on Proposition 2 that we must vote yes.

Millions of hens are kept in cages so small that they cannot spread even one wing. Feces from the birds in the cages falls on the birds below, and the sheds stink from ammonia fumes. The birds’ beaks are cut off so they can’t peck at one another. Californians must show that we won’t tolerate this kind of cruelty. Studies show that many consumers are willing to pay more for meat, milk and eggs from animals that are treated humanely. By supporting Proposition 2, we can help persuade the egg industry to change its ways.

Laura Frisk



Re “Prop. 10 would benefit key backer,” Sept. 25

The article seems to have missed one vital perspective. All large and complex programs require that someone takes the lead and organizes the procedures -- T. Boone Pickens in this case . If natural gas is to be a fuel for automobiles, it will require convenient fueling stations. What is more efficient and inexpensive than having one in your own garage? The proposition’s rebates should help pay for the garage refueling stations.

It seems that Pickens has put his money where his mouth is. If it fails, he will lose; if it is successful, he will win. A lot of this seems like a win-win situation and better than the status quo.


Bobby Fraker

Hacienda Heights