Letters to the editor

Re "Bill Clinton brings back journalists," Aug. 5

This is not the first time that Bill Clinton's gift for reconciliation has worked wonders. At the time of his impeachment, the Irish supported him because of the wonderful healing between the Orangemen (Protestants) and the Catholics he facilitated when he visited Ireland. He resolved a fight that had continued for centuries.

Maybe you have to have been brought up as an Irish Catholic, as I was, to truly understand what a truly wonderful man Clinton is.

Albert V. Weaver

Newbury Park


Once again, the man whom those on the far right once inappropriately referred to as "Slick Willy" proved what a superb statesman he is. Thanks, President Clinton, for bringing Laura Ling and Euna Lee back home.

Larry Tamblyn



While there is evidence that the successful return of the American journalists held prisoner in North Korea may actually help with diplomatic relations with that country, those journalists engaged in risky behavior. In Iran, three American hikers are being held after wandering into that country from Iraq. I think there are many places in the world to safely go hiking without putting our country in awkward situations. Now we are again faced with extracting Americans from a dangerous situation.

While some of the aspirations of the young people involved are admirable, it seems that they are also willing put themselves and their country at high risk so that they can pursue their vocations and need for adventure.

Shouldn't there be policies in place to limit this kind of behavior?

Marty Wilson


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