It's time to reform healthcare system

Re: Michael Hiltzik's business column, "Why aid those at the root of health crisis?" Aug. 3:

As a senior concerned about healthcare, I have followed the debate very closely. Hiltzik has presented the issues succinctly, comprehensively and pragmatically. Why are Republicans so adamantly against the public option when it does not stop anyone from obtaining private coverage should they choose to do so? There is little question that private insurers would lower premiums to be competitive. This is why the insurance industry will be spending millions to retain the status quo. The industry has a long, successful record of not being sympathetic to the needs of the public or changing its bad habits despite repeated promises to do so. There will never be a better opportunity to improve the dysfunctional system we are presently living with and to provide coverage for the uninsured. It is time to end the greed and lack of empathy that is so basic to the insurance industry as we presently know it.

Ira M. Landis


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