Re "Drop the lawsuit? You don't know Dan Rather,"

Aug. 16

I wish Dan Rather well in his suit against the corporate suits at CBS.

Rather was the last actual journalist in broadcast news. His ousting signaled a shift that has not served us well. The real job of journalism is to call things by their right names no matter whose ox gets gored. Instead, today, we get insipid stenography that merely repeats who said what.

If Rather were still on the job, I believe, the town hall screamers would not get away with their lies.

Charles Berezin

Los Angeles


Rather is worried about his "legacy"?

I have news for Dan. People barely remember Napoleon.

Jack Spiegelman

Los Angeles


I'm surprised Rather has yet to admit that the purported George W. Bush National Guard documents from the early 1970s were almost certainly a fraud.

After that "60 Minutes" episode, I downloaded one of the documents from the Internet. My first glance left me with the opinion that it was prepared on a PC with a modern word-processing program using a modern font.

Consequently, it appeared to me that Rather and his staff ignored the obvious in their rush to try to convict Bush.

Bob Bryant


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