Stay seated, pocket $900

The lacy Re-Trouve collection of steel patio furniture has the graceful, feminine touch for which designer Patricia Urquiola is known. Look closely at the intricacy of the base -- how it sits flat on the ground and appears to be woven from a single piece of powder-coated wire, creating a basket for the seat pad. Made in Italy for the manufacturer Emu, the chair comes in five colors and carries a suggested retail price of $979. Anthropologie's High Wire Act Scoubi chair, by contrast, is composed of a less elaborate back and base joined at the seat, and it sits on four disc-shaped feet. Welds are visible and inelegant, and the color options are limited to blue or white. But because they're marked down from $248 to $69.95, you may be able to overlook the differences.

-- David A. Keeps

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