Actress wishes she weren’t on Mr. Skin website

Wishing she were off his website

Regarding the piece on Mr. Skin [“Mr. Skin Pursues Naked Enthusiasm,” Dec. 6]: Maybe Jim McBride can lie to himself about what he does to women, but can he lie to his daughter?

This puff piece on such a piece of work as Jim McBride makes me queasy. I want to ask Jim how he would feel if his daughter was to be put on his site without her approval or consent.

As an actress on his site, I have asked repeatedly to be taken off and tried to take legal action but to no avail. My creative joy of acting has been crushed.


As a father, maybe he will be open to taking women off his site who don’t approve being on there. If women choose to be on his site, great for him. Unfortunately, we are never given an option.

Louisette Geiss

Santa Monica

‘Invictus’ rugby team is great

I enjoyed Reed Johnson’s article [“The Unconquered Lions of ‘Invictus,’ ” Dec. 6]. A clarification is in order, though. Johnson refers to the “Springbok players . . . [needing] to stretch beyond their customary mediocrity.” The Springboks have long been a major power in world rugby. They are, in fact, the reigning world champions. The Springboks beating the All Blacks in 1995 was not akin to the U.S. beating the Soviets in Olympic ice hockey in 1980, even if the All Blacks were favorites in the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

Ian Novos

Santa Monica



I read with great interest the well-written piece on Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman. My question is: Will a woman of color ever attain the stature of a Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington or Samuel Jackson, and the number of other black men who are doing so very well on television or in the movies? There is no equivalent woman. Am I the only person to notice this? Even Halle Berry has not done as well as any of these men, even with her Oscar win, which I thought was so contrived. What is America so afraid of?

Sandra Crough

West Los Angeles

Jerry Lee Lewis well presented


Randy Lewis and Kirk McKoy have done a fabulous job of capturing Jerry Lee Lewis [“Whole Lot of Playin’ Going On,” Dec. 6], not just the legend, but the man, the talent and the latest news about his amazing life.

Sharon Gee

Willis, Texas

Vergara reps need a different job


Regarding “The Sunday Conversation with Sofia Vergara” [“Her American ‘Family,’ ” Dec. 6], the reps who advised Vergara that she should get a breast reduction should be run out of town and have jobs more in line with their level of intelligence, like pumping gas.

Danny Rose


‘Anti-choice’ vs. ‘pro-life’ labels


It’s regrettable that the Los Angeles Times continues to perpetuate the myth that the anti-choice politicians and movements are “pro-life” [“No Correct Answer,” Dec. 6].

If you look at the major threats to life historically -- poverty, malnutrition, poor health and lack of medical care, war and militarism, and ecological dislocations -- you will find that the pro-choice people have by far the best pro-life record. Yet you allow the anti-choice groups to monopolize the prized “pro-life” label -- used four times in Robin Abcarian’s article -- even while mentioning the murder of abortion provider Dr. George Tiller.

Those assassins pride themselves on being “pro-life” and on murdering “baby-killers.” Your use of “pro-life” instead of the more descriptive “anti-choice” is not only inappropriate, it also makes you -- unwittingly, to be sure -- facilitators of murdering fanatics proudly wrapping themselves in the mantle of “pro-life.”

Roger Carasso


Los Angeles