A roster of most-wanted

John Demjanjuk, who is accused of being a Nazi death camp guard, arrived in Germany on Tuesday from the United States to face charges that he participated in the killing of 29,000 Jews in 1943. Demjanjuk is No. 1 on a list of most-wanted war crimes suspects compiled by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Here are some of the others.


Suspected of committing genocide against Jews and Serbs during a raid by Hungarian forces into Serbia in 1942 that prosecutors say killed at least 2,000 people. He was sentenced in 1944 in Hungary to 10 years in jail; that verdict, later overturned, came when Hungary was under fascist rule. In 2007, a Hungarian court ruled that the then-93-year-old could not be investigated as his murder conviction had been overturned.



Accused of helping Nazi forces in Denmark, and of the 1943 murder of anti-Nazi journalist Carl Henrik Clemmensen in Copenhagen. The Danish-born former SS member fled to Germany after the war, obtaining German citizenship in 1956. After his arrest in 2006, a German court delayed a decision on his extradition to Denmark.


Accused of serving in the German Security Service in the Netherlands. He was sentenced to death there for murders of prisoners of Westerbork transit camp and Groningen prison in 1944; the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment in 1948. He escaped from prison to Germany in 1952.


Alleged to have been an interrogator for the Gestapo. He is accused of helping kill about 3,000 men, women and children in Belarus. Estonian-born Gorshkow became a U.S. citizen in 1953 but was denaturalized in 2002 and is under investigation in Estonia.


Accused of arresting Jews and communists who were later executed by the Nazis while he served in Estonia’s political police force during the Nazi occupation. The Caracas, Venezuela-based auto sales millionaire and member of high society was cleared of the accusations by Estonia. Mannil remains on a U.S. watch list barring him from entering the U.S.

Sources: Reuters, Simon Wiesenthal Center, BBC