I would like to commend Jon Carmanica for his article about the CW sitcom “The Game” (“ ‘The Game’ plan for a football sitcom,” May 10). It was refreshing to hear someone echo the thoughts I have about the show’s storytelling, its multidimensional characters and great acting.

I’ve been a fan of producer-writer Mara Akil since her “Girlfriends” days. Unfortunately, “Girlfriends” never really got the recognition it deserved. I’m hoping this show will not suffer the same fate.

Julie Krehan




I am so pleased you did a write-up of “The Game” as I am a huge fan of this comedy. It’s very smartly written and I’ll go ahead and say acted. Each character is very well defined, and they come across as real-life folks you could either know or have as a friend Christopher Raines