Daughter holds a grudge

Dear Amy: My husband and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary this past summer. Our four children came with their families, and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Shortly after the party, our daughter e-mailed us to say that she thought she had forgiven me for something I did when she was in high school, but apparently she hasn’t and she does not want any more contact with me.

She does not answer the phone when we call or respond to e-mails.

I was the best mother that I knew how to be when she was growing up.


The three other children say, “She’s being ridiculous -- forget about it,” but I would like to have some contact with my only daughter.

Any suggestions?


Dear Ann: If you know what your daughter is referring to and can understand her point of view, you should write her a letter to say so.


Only you know whether you owe your daughter an apology. If you do, then offer it.

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