For the record

Guantanamo Bay tribunals: An article in Wednesday's Section A about military tribunals at Guantanamo Bay said that New York psychiatrist Michael Welner based his analysis of conditions in the detention facility's Camp 4 on the single June visit he mentioned during two days of testimony. Welner reported after publication that he had also visited the camp for compliant detainees on April 28 and on the weekend before his Oct. 26-27 testimony for the government.

Jessica's Law ruling: An article in the Nov. 5 LATExtra section reported on a judge's ruling that portions of Jessica's Law, the 2006 statute restricting how close sex offenders can live to parks or schools, were unconstitutional. The article erred in stating that in 2007 there were 30 sex offenders on active parole in Los Angeles and that by September the number was 259. Those figures referred to the number of homeless sex offenders on active parole.

"Megamind" review: In the Nov. 5 Calendar section, a review of the film "Megamind," whose title character is voiced by actor Will Ferrell, said that one of the pleasures of the film "is that Megamind doesn't really sound like Ferrell." The article went on to say that "the filmmakers have walked away from Ferrell's comic talents." It should have said, "That doesn't mean the filmmakers have walked away from Ferrell's comic talents."

Qantas engine explosion: An article in the Nov. 5 Business section about the explosion of an engine on a Qantas Airways A380 jet and the resulting grounding of all six of its Airbus-made super-jumbo aircraft said a video showed smoke trailing from the plane's right inboard engine. The affected engine was on the left side.

Page 1 index: On Nov. 5, the Page A1 index to articles elsewhere in the edition erred in two instances. The racehorse Zenyatta, pictured during a practice run for the Breeders' Cup Classic, is a mare, not a filly. And an item about world stock market reaction to the Federal Reserve's economic stimulus plan misstated its size. The Fed plans to buy $600 billion of Treasury bonds, not $600 million.

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