For the record

Ronni Chasen: An article in the Nov. 17 Section A about the fatal shooting of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen in Beverly Hills incorrectly described a witness who heard gunshots. Nahid Shekarchian is a 33-year resident of the neighborhood, not 33 years old. The article also misspelled the last name of publicist Stan Rosenfield as Rosenfeld.

Wes Santee: The obituary of track star Wes Santee in the Nov. 15 LATExtra section said he died in Eureka, Calif. Santee died in Eureka, Kan.

Philip Hoffman: A photograph that accompanied the obituary of big-wave surfer and businessman Philip "Flippy" Hoffman in the Nov. 16 LATExtra section was credited to Jeff Devine. The photographer's name is Jeff Divine.

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