Giving advice


There are simple ways to rate charities and keep a watch on your wallet when it’s tugging at your heart this October. Here’s some advice from the American Institute of Philanthropy:

No news is bad news: Expect all products and charities to explain whom they donate to and where the money goes. Do not give in to pressure to donate on the spot if the charity can’t offer you the information you request.

The 60% rule: Any charity that steers less than $60 out of every $100 raised toward its mission is not being careful with your money.


The high-tech route is not always the quickest: Text-message donations are not effective until after you pay your monthly phone bill. Then your cell provider passes the money to an outside agency before it ultimately lands in the charity’s hands.

Give generously to those you trust: Once you find a charity you can depend on to spend your money wisely, consider a larger donation to make a greater impact.