Nominee: Jim Mancuso

C-Suite 2022

Chief Financial Officer
Chosen Foods, LLC

Insurance Brokers Jim Mancuso is currently the chief financial officer of Chosen Foods, the leader in avocado oil. Mancuso is coming off a successful sale of SmartyPants Vitamins to Unilever in December 2020. This comes after he joined and built out scalable centers of excellence in accounting, finance and supply chain departments. Post-Unilever acquisition, he joined MyMochi in early 2021, continuing to drive the high-growth brand in the frozen novelty and snacking space, partnering with the CEO.

In April 2022, Mancuso took a leadership role as CFO at Chosen Foods, the leader in the avocado oil category. He was brought in by Chosen’s CEO and Butterfly Equity and is responsible for accounting & finance and right-sizing those departments to ensure their ability to support the scaling organization. Mancuso has spent 15 years in various organizations within the fast-moving consumer goods space.