Finalist: Robert Westfall


Solatube International and Solatube Home Franchising

Bob Westfall’s career in advertising and marketing began in 1984, and since then he has worked at industry behemoths. He has always shown great leadership skills and was largely responsible for bringing new clients into the ad agency and giving them tremendous results. One of his clients was Solatube International, who was so impressed with him they recruited him to be their sales and marketing director. He steadily rose through the ranks at Solatube and became the president in 2008, a role he continues to serve in to this day.As a visionary, he helped grow the company substantially over the years and it is now the worldwide leader in Tubular Daylighting Devices (also known as tubular skylights) in both the residential and commercial sectors. He has always made time to give back to the community, including donations of Solatube units to nonprofits and schools desperately in need of natural light.