Finalist: Sue Collyns


Chief Financial Officer and President

Sue Collyns has positively contributed to her field for the past 36 years, with seven of those as the CFO and president of Beachbody. Collyns is an innovative and versatile leader who understands how to communicate and work alongside investors, bankers, lawyers, and internal teams, helping several companies transition from private to public and vice versa during her time there. Not only is Collyns highly skilled in transitioning companies from private to public and the opposite, but she is also resilient in her ability to see a challenge and create an opportunity. At the beginning of the pandemic and ongoing, she strived to ensure that Beachbody was a leader in offering virtual workout opportunities as most everyone was on stay-at-home orders for varying time periods. She has influenced several initiatives to keep Beachbody in a balanced flow during these ever-changing times.