Honoree: Anthony Chow


Chief Executive Officer
Newegg Commerce, Inc.

Anthony Chow is an entrepreneur and multinational business executive who currently serves as the global CEO of Newegg Commerce, Inc. where he sets the company’s strategic direction and works closely with Newegg’s management to ensure consistent execution across the organization. Within two years of Chow’s leadership, Newegg underwent a cultural transformation and financial turnaround that culminated in its listing on Nasdaq in May of this year. Previously, Chow guided Newegg through some of the company’s most transformative years. He first served as vice president of Newegg’s North American business from 2006 until 2008, before moving to Shanghai to oversee Newegg’s China operations, as well as OZZO Logistics, a Newegg subsidiary providing third-party logistics support for other e-commerce companies based in China.

Starting in 2019, Chow made sweeping changes to refine Newegg’s value proposition to position the company for future success. This began with a complete redesign of Newegg’s global platform by unifying the company’s vendor-direct and marketplace sales models. Under his leadership, the company adopted a streamlined, domain-driven organizational structure optimized for modern scalable e-commerce operations.

A key component of Chow’s strategy emphasizes the tremendous growth opportunities in the Newegg Partner Services (NPS) businesses. Each business leverages existing infrastructure and expertise to onboard new streams of revenue by offering a suite of e-commerce and fulfillment services that are utilized by companies across the globe. Guided by Chow’s principles of execution and attention to detail, Newegg underwent a cultural transformation in a period of six months that paved the way for a substantial financial turnaround for the company. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in spring 2020, Newegg enacted a fair pricing commitment that addressed dangerous supply shortages that stemmed from widespread scalping of masks and hygiene products. With it, the company leveraged its supply chain durability to provide customers and essential employees with access to masks, household staples, medical supplies and other necessities. This included donating masks to a large medical facility near Newegg’s New Jersey distribution center where 40% of the state’s COVID-19 patients were hospitalized.