Finalist: Alexandra Shapiro


General Counsel
George Washington University Law School

Alex Shapiro began her career as a litigator in the healthcare regulatory space before transitioning in-house in 2013 to Conifer which focused on data-driven health solutions. Her first general counsel position was at Heal, where she worked on increasing accessibility by expanding their consumer services across six states. While her early career in healthcare was driven by a desire to help people, the mission and potential impact of Omaze was something she couldn’t pass up, and she joined the company as general counsel in 2017. Shapiro has built out and extended Omaze’s ability to scale its impact. She has done this by expanding Omaze’s relationship with CAF America, a globally recognized, U.S.-based charity that enables Omaze to make grants quickly and efficiently. Omaze has now raised $150 million to support over 400 charities through grants from CAF America.