Finalist: Ashley Wilson

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In-house counsel 2023

Global General Counsel
Lifelong Learner Holdings
Ohio State University

Ashley Wilson has been practicing as a corporate attorney since 1997 and has worked for companies with financial sponsors (private equity and home office) since the late 2000s. During this time, she became a generalist with experience in tech, retail, privacy, compliance, HR, and more. She has been a GC since 2012 but counts her current position as global general counsel at Lifelong Learner Holdings as her most challenging and gratifying.

Lifelong Learner currently holds two companies - PSI Services and Talogy - both of which are testing companies for over 70 years and operate worldwide. When Wilson joined the company, it had just doubled its size due to two major acquisitions. She was able to build a global team to service the companies while it was in hyper-growth mode. She headed 21 acquisitions over two years, increasing EBITDA by nearly 40%, and headed up the security and compliance group for two years.