Best of the Southland

Southern California is as diverse and varied as its people. And when it comes to places to eat, things to do and even necessities, there is no shortage of options - perhaps there are even too many! How do you decide? There are numerous apps and websites which give insights and suggestions, but what do L.A. Times readers, like yourself, prefer?

So, we bring you the first round of results for our 2021 Best of the Southland survey. The nominees designated “Best” achieved the most votes in their category. All “Popular” honorees received the next highest number of votes.

When you’re out and about, look for the L.A. Times “Best of the Southland” and “Popular in the Southland” decals in their windows or on their doors, and you can be assured that those businesses have gone above and beyond to earn this coveted recognition.

We encourage you to support these local businesses and add them to your list of favorites, and visit this page to vote for the “Best of the Southland” from all regional winners, beginning on Sept. 6.

Click here to see the full Best of the Southland rules and voting methodolgy.