Best of TimesOC: Pets

Baxter is the winner of 2019’s Best of TimesOC pet category.

These-reader submitted pets are OC’s Best of 2019!

He is so cute and a rescue dog.

She is a beauty queen and a beagle-boxer mix. Because she has the sweetest disposition and is over 13 years old. She never snaps, except a gentle one at Charlie the “wretched” cat!

Indie is a certified therapy dog. She has the patience to allow children and babies to calmly interact with her.

She will hop in your lap to get love pets.

Lucy is an OC surfer girl.

Roxy the Doxie
She is the most loving, loyal, cuddly dog.

Best dressed for Halloween.

Oliver Winter Anderson
She is goofy with such a personality.

Miss Lucky
Agile and beautiful, She works hard to rid the neighborhood of pests.

Magic & Lucky
They are Bengal cousins that are a year apart.

The Jumping Finn
Looks like a nutty professor, can leap over small buildings and has a heart as big as a whale.

Zoe & Elvira
I’ll protect and keep you safe. Who says dogs and cats can’t get along?!