A Home Desk Refresh

If your work-from-home setup resembles this, it's time for a refresh.
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Want to feel on top of the world at work-from-home? Start by tidying the top of your desk, which is likely disorganized with problematic piles and a lack of space.

Marty Basher, an organization professional with Lakewood, New Jersey-based Modular Closets, contends that a well-maintained, clutter-free desk reduces stress and increases work productivity.

“Too often, people treat their desks as a dumping ground when they are tired or lack time to properly organize things,” he says. “But committing to removing junk and minimizing items maximizes your workspace, making it feel more inviting and functional.”

Your first step is to remove everything from the top and inside your desk. Then, wipe down all surfaces with a gentle cleaner until all food stains, crumbs, finger smudge and dust bunnies are gone, recommends Basher.

“Next, take inventory of what you have. This requires categorizing and dividing your current desk contents into piles, which allows you to observe how much stuff you have and decide what to discard, donate, or reorganize,” Basher adds.

Consider additional organizing supplies, like drawer dividers, small containers for office supplies, or portable racks for holding hanging file folders.

When determining what else deserves a spot on your desktop, focus on essential items that need to be visible and at your fingertips. Return drawer items based on the priority of use and ease of access. Don’t be afraid to part with things. “No one needs to hang on to a broken stapler, instruction manuals for obsolete office equipment, or 500 pens,” says Basher.

Additionally, aim to remove paperwork by digitizing files and shredding unnecessary documents. Install cord hiders to minimize cable clutter and consider using your wall space for additional storage.

“Adding a couple of shelves or cubbies above your desk also adds storage as well as decor space,” Basher advises.

Don’t be afraid of a few decor items - such as a framed photo, travel souvenir, or a small live plant - that aren’t distracting or conflicting with the tidy theme you’ve created. For best results, strive for a quick straightening of your desktop before or after each workday.

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