2013 Audi Allroad
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2013 Audi Allroad Quattro

The Audi Allroad is essentially a more rugged yet equally sophisticated cousin of the A4 station wagon that Audi no longer sells in the U.S. (Audi)
The Audi Allroad’s sleek headlamps with those daytime-running LED lights you see from the other side of the freeway have a more contemporary presence with a cleaner “light tube” effect. (Audi)
The dashboard of the Audi Allroad. (Audi)
There’s plenty of space in the Audi Allroad’s rear seats for people.  (Audi)
Consider that with the rear seats folded, the Audi Allroad has less cargo room than the subcompact Honda Fit does with its seats folded. Think of this as a positive; not only could the chic Allroad make you feel like a better-looking person, it will also make you a better packer. (Audi)
At 7.1 inches, this Audi’s ground clearance is 1.5 inches higher than the basic A4 wagon. (Audi)