‘Buy My Volvo’ goes viral; car has an inside as well as an outside

Christoffer Castor, or simply “Castor” as he’s called, wanted to sell his old red Volvo with the rusty back end and the cat stickers on the side window. But the 28-year-old Swede felt the need to stand out among the competition. So he created a video starring his Volvo 240 and was floored when it went viral in at least two nations.

“Buy My Volvo” has toted up more than a million views on YouTube since it was posted May 11 in the U.S., and the Swedish version has more than 300,000 views, Castor told the Los Angeles Times.

“I thought people would find it stupid” because of the movie-previews-style voice-over, he said. “I was wrong.”

Castor says he is a motion graphics artist who works mostly on local commercials, but he likes to create silly videos with friends in his spare time. “Buy My Volvo” was created with a cinematographer friend and another who contributed the voice-over.


“Feast your eyes on this mother. ... This car is equipped with both an inside and an outside.”

It features “four door handles” as well as a “fancy turning crank with a built-in safety bladder” (the wheel and air bag).

Despite the wild success of his video, the Volvo has not sold.

“I’ve got a few interesting offers,” Castor said, “but no deal yet. It would be cool if he went overseas.”

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