2008 Nissan Altima Coupe- first slot photo
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2008 Nissan Altima Coupe

The coupe is geared for to twenty- to thirtysomething professionals without a family who want a car with above-average performance rather than a mileage-conscious appliance (Photo by: NISSAN)
A noteworthy plus is the small fixed rear window along both sides in back that provide just enough visibility to see other vehicles when backing out of a parking space (Photo by: NISSAN)
Nissan Altima coupe grille (Photo by: NISSAN)
The coupe is 7 inches shorter and 2 inches lower than the sedan (Photo by: NISSAN)
Nissan Altima coupe center console (NISSAN)
The 17-inch radials and stability control help keep it stuck to the pavement (Photo by: NISSAN)
Altima coupe shares the same basic platform and powertrains with the Altima sedan (Photo by: NISSAN)
Nissan forgot to add the larger side bolsters or at least cloth seats to help keep your body better planted along twisting roads at speed (Photo by: NISSAN)
Base price includes air-conditioning, power moonroof, locks, windows, seats, mirrors, and AM/FM/CD player with six speakers (Photo by: NISSAN)
Coin holder and power plug under the center armrest and so-called kangaroo pouches along the bottoms of the front seats to place the fob (Photo by: NISSAN)
Altima coupe headlamps (Photo by: NISSAN)
Altima coupe embedded side mirror blinker lights (Photo by: NISSAN)
Nissan logo detail (Photo by: NISSAN)