Toyota Corolla Generation 1
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10 generations of the Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla came out in Japan in 1966. The subcompact sedan was introduced to America two years later. -- Colin Ryan (Toyota)
The second-gen model came out in 1970 with a 1.2-liter engine. It became the second-best-selling import in the U.S. -- Colin Ryan (Toyota)
By 1974, when the third generation debuted, a 1.6-liter engine was available. Total U.S. sales were 500,000 and counting. -- Colin Ryan (Toyota)
Incarnation No. 4 of the Toyota Corolla arrived in 1979, joining more than 1 million Corollas already on American roads. -- Colin Ryan (Toyota)
A joint manufacturing venture with General Motors in 1984 heralded Toyota Corolla Version 5.0. The cars were now being made in Fremont in Northern California. -- Colin Ryan (Toyota)
Toyota Corolla the Sixth coincided with the Chinese year of the rabbit (1988), and the car was certainly multiplying. It also had a lower drag coefficient than a Supra Turbo. -- Colin Ryan (Toyota)
With the seventh generation (1993), the Toyota Corolla grew. Excitement levels stayed where they were. -- Colin Ryan (Toyota)
Generation 8 came with a 1.8-liter engine option. By this time, all U.S.-market Corollas were being made in North America. -- Colin Ryan (Toyota)
Toyota Corolla No. 9 came along in 2002 (as a 2003 model), a year after Americans had bought more than 6 million of its predecessors. -- Colin Ryan (Toyota)
Toyota has just launched the 2009 Corolla, the 10th generation of what has become the all-time bestselling car in the world. More than 7 million have been sold in the U.S., and total worldwide sales have surpassed 30 million. -- Colin Ryan (Toyota)