Stemming the misery
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Flowers in Kenya

STEMMING THE MISERY: At Sher’s nearly 1,000-acre rose farm along Lake Naivasha, pay is low and the work backbreaking. But in the last four years, the company says, it has spent millions to set up housing and support services for the mostly female employees. (Francesco Broli / For The Times)
CULTIVATING CHANGE: A sexual harassment complaint by flower grader Nancy Nthenya, foreground, led to vast improvements in conditions at Dutch-owned Sher Agencies’ facility in Kenya. Sher’s efforts are stimulating discussion of women’s rights in the country. (Francesco Broli / For The Times)
A Sher worker sprays friendly chemicals on the roses to help keep insects at bay. (Francesco Broli / For the Times)
Women wait to see a doctor in Sher’s hospital, which takes care of its workers and their families. The hospital has a lab, x-ray capability and doctor’s offices. (Francesco Broli / For the Times)
Flowers are packed and later shipped to the airport in the capitol city of Nairobi. (Francesco Broli / For The Times)
Children of the workers at Sher’s can attend the kindergarten. (Francesco Broli / For the Times)